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Mastering the Game: Strategies for Career Success

For more than 15 years, Sharon E. Jones has been delivering seminars and training programs on diversity and inclusion. In Mastering the Game, she provides practical advice and strategies for building a successful career whether you are a woman, are a person of color, have a disability, or identify as LGBTQ. The research and strategies are presented in a reader-friendly way and brought to life through personal anecdotes and examples from the author's own experience. Since this book explains the foundational rules of U.S. workplace culture, this book would also be useful for international professionals looking to work for or with organizations in the U.S.

The State of Diversity

The first section of Mastering the Game presents the research and statistics that prove what you may already feel intuitively - that there is a serious lack of diversity in leadership positions. Diverse professionals also face many challenges when competing for roles in organizations created and dominated by white men. In this section, "The Playing Field," Jones gives an overview of the state of diversity within businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies.

The 10 Rules

The second section of the book introduces 10 rules that form the foundations of career success. For each rule, there are numerous operational strategies that readers can follow to play the game more effectively in accordance with that rule. In total, the book contains more than 100 strategies to help readers succeed in any sector. Although the substantive work may vary from position to position, the underlying rules are the same. After laying out the 10 rules, the end of the book summarizes operational strategies for ease of reference.

Table of Contents

Playing Field (diversity demographic statistics for legal, corporate, medical, and technology sectors)
Rule 1 - Success Is Intentional
Rule 2 - Master the Psychological Game
Rule 3 - The Numbers/Metrics Matter
Rule 4 - Actively Network
Rule 5 - Recruit Mentors & Sponsors
Rule 6 - Invest in Your Professional Appearance
Rule 7 - Self-Promote
Rule 8 - Be Mindful of Work-Life Integration
Rule 9 - Become a Power Player & Pay It Forward
Rule 10 - Maintain Career Flexibility
Full List of Operational Strategies (over 120 total)